Infected Toe Treatment & Ingrown Fingernail

Infected Toe Treatment & Ingrown Fingernail

Ingrown Finger Nail & Ingrown Toenails

When do you know that you have an Ingrown Finger nail or Infected Toenail? This is a common condition where the nail cuts into the part of the skin next to the nail. Although any toe or finger can be infected, it is usually the big toe that gets affected. This condition is common to teenagers and young adults.There are a number of effective Infected Toe Treatment that we will explain shortly.

Causes of Ingrown Finger nail or Ingrown Toenail;

A sharp spike usually grows into the skin beside the nail which as a result causes an in grown fingernail or ingrown toenail. There are several factors that cause ingrown finger nails & ingrown toenails which include, not trimming your nails in a proper manner, sweating a lot when doing an exercise can contribute also, tight socks and poorly fitting shoes- especially those that force the toes towards each other.

Other times, there is no apparent reason as to why it happens.

How to Cut Your Toenails

The toenails should be trimmed as shown below;

Avoid Infected Fingernails & Infected Toenails
How to Trim your Toenails correctly to avoid Infected Ingrown Toenails or an Infected Fingernail.






Symptoms of an Infected Ingrown Toenail

The first thing to notice is the infected ingrown toenail or ingrown finger nail becoming red and the nail feeling slightly painful. The nail gets infected and becomes more swollen and painful. With time if not treated, there will be some fluid(pus) that develop around the nail.

Ingrown Finger nail and Infected Toe Treatment Options

An infected ingrown toenail or infected fingernail can cause a lot of pain and discomfort especially when it gets hit or knocked. It is necessary to prevent the ingrowing part of your nail from becoming worse by adhering to various treatment options given below. If not taken care of well, an ingrowing toenail may reach a point of no return and going under the knife becomes the ultimate solution.

To avoid risking a costly surgery, the following procedure explains the best way of treating an infected ingrown toenail or infected finger nail.

  1. Soak the affected nail in salt water for around ten minutes so that the folds of the skin around it can soften. The salt water helps to dry out the infected area.
  2. Now use an ingrown toenail & fingernail correction tool to raise the nail off the infected area and gently clean with cotton & disinfectant.

    Ingrown Fingernail & Ingrown Toenail Cleaning
    Disinfect Infected Toenail







3. Allow the nail to grow for a few weeks as you repeat above procedure daily.

4. Put a dental floss under the growing nail to prevent the toenail from growing into the skin.

5. When the nail has clearly grown above the end of the toe, cut it across.

6. Apply a Gel Toe Cap Protector to help minimize aggravation when wearing shoes.


If the above Infected Toe Treatment Fails

Signs that your infected fingernail or toenail is getting worse include fever, throbbing pain and redness spreading over the entire toe. An Infected Toe Treatment may not always work but it is always worth trying all avenues before having surgery.

In order to treat this infection, antibiotics are necessary and also applying the above method are recommended. The Infected Toenail Correction Tool will give you the best chance to train the nail to grow out of the infected area.

However, if the symptoms persist from the ingrown fingernail or toenail, see a doctor urgently. Also see your doctor if you experience unexplained sensations in the foot.

How to Treat & Prevent an Ingrown Fingernail & Ingrown Toenail
  • When trimming your nails with the correct toenail or finger nail trimmer, cut them across and avoid cutting them short and round.
    Infected Toe Nail Prevention
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes and if possible, if unavoidable wear a toe gel cap.
  • Choose cotton types of socks which will cushion your nails.
  • File the sharp edges of your toenails and fingernails gently with a nail file.


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