Cheap Ways To Travel – Complete Guide

Cheap Ways To Travel – Complete Guide

Cheap Ways To Travel – Our Top Picks

So you have the travel bug and looking at cheap ways to travel? Then feast your eyes on our handy tips to save you a bundle. Travel does not have to cost the earth!

  1. Religiously Watch The Airlines

    If you are not tied down to a strict full time job and can travel at a moments notice then keep an eye on the leading airlines to snag a bargain. Even if you cannot leave at a moments notice they advertise some great bargains, but you have to be quick. We have found that,, & offer the best prices. Remember to sign up to their newsletters to stay informed of upcoming sales. Saving money on flights is a must if you truly are committed to cheap ways to travel.

  2. Do Not Be Picky With Flights

    Ok, this may not be suited to everyone but if you are prepared to sacrifice several hours of your time then you can save some big dollars on flights. The cheapest flights are usually the ones with long stop overs, so be prepared to pass the time and enjoy the savings.

  3. Book The Cheapest Accommodation

    Booking the cheapest and nastiest accommodation is not for everyone. Sometimes coming back to a clean and comfortable room after a long day is more desirable than a small, musty unclean room. Hostels are the cheapest of the bunch, remember to look for reviews. If that’s not your style then EXPEDIA & are the best places to find cheap prices on accommodation.

  4. Look for Volunteer Programs

    There are a number of volunteer programs that offer free flights, accommodation and food. But you must sacrifice your labor in order to provide something in return. It is still an amazing experience and may get you to another country for free.

  5. Roadtrip or Carpooling

    Craigslist is a wonder tool and can be extremely handy for finding like minded travellers looking to carpool across the country. This may not be your cup of tea but certainly worthy of a mention.

  6. Couchsurf

    Visit free websites such as where people post places to crash for free. Couchsurf is a two way street, you also need to provide a couch for people to crash on in return.

  7. Search for local cash jobs

    It does not sound ideal, but you can in most cases find some casual cash work available to travelers. It is a new experience and you get to meet new people so most of the time it hardly seems like work. Save up your pennies and move onto the next town.

    Can you think of any other cheap ways to travel?