Amazon Affiliate Program – Commission RATE CUT! 8-6% ?

Amazon Affiliate Program – Commission RATE CUT! 8-6% ?

The Amazon Affiliate Program is hugely popular among affiliate marketers and bloggers. For anyone starting out in the quest to making money online via affiliate marketing, there are TWO big names that jump out, Ebay & Amazon. Both programs are very similar in nature, however ebay does not offer as much flexibility in their cost per action area.

It is hard to determine if one is better than they other because the two both have their own unique benefits. The real question that you are interested in is, how much can you actually make with the Amazon Affiliate Program? In Short, THOUSANDS if done correctly.

Growing Your Amazon Income

There are multiple BEST PRACTICES you should abide by to effectively maximize your income as an Amazon Affiliate. If you enter your email (subscribe) anywhere on the website you can get your mitts on the Amazon Best Practices Guide, updated and sent out monthly.

When determining the best way to grow your amazon income you should always look at what is working for other affiliates. What approach are they taking? Look At Forums to get tips & tricks.

Then if you find something that you feel could be just what your looking for, TEST & TRACK IT.

Amazon Affiliate Program

OK Lets Do The Math On What You Can Make With Amazon:

Working Example:

Your Total Website Visitors: 1000 Per Day

AVG Click Through Rate On Your Affiliate Links/Ads: 15%

Total Clicks To Amazon Via Your Affiliate Link: 150

Conversion Rate On Those Clicks: 5%

Total AVG Sale (Depending On Niche): A round Figure of $100

Total Sales Referred: $ 750

YOUR Commission at 6%: $45 (Per Day)

The above breakdown can give you an idea on the type of income you can generate as an amazon affiliate. If you scale the numbers up 10 Fold you can make some great money online.

Me, Personally I used to dabble as an amazon affiliate and made a couple of thousand but soon came to realize that my efforts could be better focused elsewhere. WHY? The core reason being is I only get commission on that ONE OFF sale. Then thereafter Amazon continue to make sales to the customer I initially referred and I get ZERO credit.

What Gets Better Results? Blogging Or Niche Targeting?

Being an online marketer signed up to the amazon affiliate program your goal is to obviously generate as much income as possible. In order to effectively achieve that goal you need to address two key aspects. First, you need to send as much traffic as possible to your site. Second, you need to entice visitors to click on your amazon affiliate links/banners.

Ask yourself this question, how many of my visitors would be likely to click on the links to amazon I display on my blog/website? If they click on the link, that in itself can be counted as a conversion.

If you have a blog that is broad in nature and has a broad visitor base it is important to analyze your google analytics. Analyzing your google analytics will help you determine the demographics of your visitors. When you know your main visitor gemographic you can target the products and offers accordingly. This will help to drastically increase your conversion rate and commissions.

Then on the other side of the equation you have the small traffic sites that are associated within a unique niche. E.g How to Kitesurf.

These Niche Website have much higher conversion rates as their traffic is highly targeted. So you need to really plan on which approach you want to take. Do I appeal to the masses and cover any and everything? OR do I focus on a small niche?

Personally, a small niche is where I have found the most success. But each to their own!

Amazons Reduced commission Rate & how it effects you!

On March 1st amazon affiliates were sent the email that read,

“We want to reward associates that can refer sales across those categories.”

For many bloggers and affiliate markets it has been seen that the rate cuts on average are around 2%. Dropping from on average of 8%-6%. Many Bloggers are anticipating that their incomes could be dropping as much as 15-20% and that is a HUGE shake up.

That is a perfect example as to true success online is generating multiple sources of income.

Imagine if Amazon Dropped their affiliate program. HOLY CR&P it would be turmoil.

Be Smart and Diversify Your Income Streams. Let Us Show You How.

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