Hey There,

My Name is David Wilson and I would like to welcome you to the ‘All Rounder’. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit and read more about whats on offer.

Who is This Guy?

I bet you are wondering who is this guy putting together some blog about affiliate marketing. Well I am 30 Years of age, live in a small country town in NSW, Australia and have been making affiliate marketing my sole form of income for the past 4 Years. I love the great outdoors, fishing and adventuring around Australia in my 4WD. This is all achievable thanks to affiliate marketing.

Why The Blog?

It is only recently I have become extremely fed up with the amount of false websites offering get rich quick schemes through affiliate marketing. They are blatantly ripping off hardworking people that want to make a legitimate income from home. Not only is it dishonest, it puts a black cloud above an industry that I value immensely. So with that being said, I have put together this blog with the sole intention to provide useful, easy to understand content on affiliate marketing. Yes, there are some other articles thrown in along the way that are not relevant, but I like to blog! 🙂

Why Should I Listen To Anything You Say?

Great Question, as mentioned earlier I have been making affiliate marketing my sole form of income for the past 4 years. Affiliate Marketing has opened up time, money and location freedom and allowed me to essentially feel free. The first 3-6 months were a rocky road as I carefully navigated hundreds if not thousands of websites in the search for answers on affiliate marketing. Once I was satisfied on what was required I started my road to generating my first income online. Fast forward 4 years, and I now make a pretty penny through affiliate marketing without RIPPING PEOPLE OFF. I think it is extremely cliche to mention incomes but I comfortably clear 16-26 thousand dollars per month and growing. The fluctuation is due to campaign roll outs and up scaling efforts etc.

So.. What Is The Blogs Sole Purpose?

The sole purpose of this blog is to accurately inform and educate like minded affiliate marketing enthusiasts wanting to succeed. Affiliate Marketing is my sole passion, it is the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to bed. This is embarrassing to admit but I even dream about Affiliate Marketing. So with all that being said, I find it extremely easy and FUN to write about this stuff. I hope you find immense value from my articles and wish you all the best success. Lets get started on growing your very own .COM lifestyle!

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